Prevent Virus Made Autorun.inf ​​with Super Autorun

Continuing the previous posts about the flashdisk protection with dummy files and flashdisk with NTFS format, this time will be followed regarding protection engineering or flash drive from a virus or a program that will create Autorun.inf file, with a simple program Super Autorun. Thus expected to reduce the spread of the virus.

Previously I had doubts about the effectiveness of this method, because it thinks it's easy for a virus to change, delete and create a new autorun.inf file.

Protects USB Flashdisk from Virus with Dummy File

As already known, flashdisk is a passive media, so any program installed in it will not be running (active) alone in the absence of the operating system. Although antivirus installed, will not effectively protect itself if used on a computer that has been infected with virus.

One way to protect flashdisk from virus is to create a dummy file in it. What is a dummy file and how to make it?

Tips to Formatting Flashdisk with NTFS File system

Most of us probably rarely notice the type of Flashdisk file systems used belonged to us, whether it is NTFS, FAT32 or FAT. To find out the file system being used, right-click the Flashdisk in Windows Explorer and select Properties. There looks File System type used.

But when we would try to format via Windows Explorer, perhaps there are only menu FAT32 and FAT and no NTFS. How do I format NTFS and what is the difference with FAT32 and FAT?

Characteristics and Tips to Keep Flashdisk to be More Durable

No doubt that the flashdisk currently the most frequently used media stores data that is easy to carry anywhere. But little attention to the use of flashdisk is a problem. Perhaps because of its capacity to Giga, then all the data is entered, and at any time in the computer like a mini hard drive. In fact there are not only hundreds of data contents, but thousands of data.

Few people know that flashdisk has aged, like a fluorescent lamp that has a lifespan (eg, lasting up to 5000 hours). Similarly with flashdisk. But what size flashdisk age? How to use flashdisk to be more durable/long lasting? What important things to note about flashdisk?

Complete Utilities with NirLauncher and Sysinternal Suite

For those who frequent tinkering computer, overcoming the various problems that occur with computers, both for local and network computers, usually know Nirsoft and Sysinternals Utilities. Nirsoft Utilities and Sysinternal is a collection of small programs that are beneficial to a computer (Windows).

Recently Nirsoft makes NirLauncher program that contains a collection of more than 100 small programs (utilities).